Work safety

Every member of our staff has the safety engineering booklet required for the construction site, which includes:

  • The medical examina􀆟on (G41),
  • Training on the use of personal protective equipment,
  • The electrotechnical education,
  • The co-rescue training.
  • First aid and accident and fire safety education.

Industrial Alpine technology

Installation, cleaning and surface treatment of industrial and agricultural facilities (feed silos), metal containers and small and large metal structures. Hard-to-access windows, large glass and metal surfaces are cleaned and washed. Cleaning, dyeing and insulation of façades, removal of crushed stone, breaking of trees.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection works on high-voltage poles (110 kV,220 kV, 380 kV, etc.), replacement of elongated connecting elements of the columns and surface protection works on railway track posts. Execution of corrosion proteczion works for halls, hangars, tunnels, bridges, radio tower and antenna systems.

Concrete renovation

Renovation of the basements of parking houses, undergroundgarages, reservoirs and high-voltage systems, including finishing surface treatment.

Sand blasting works

Sand blasting works

Fire protection service

Fire protection painting and covering of cables and air ducts. Fire protection painting of metal, roof and wood structures, wood surfaces. Fire protection of sandblasted metal surfaces, metal constructions, bridges, ships and pillars.