Time Gold 2006 Kft.

Our company has started its activity in 2006 in Hungary and since 2013 our company work continuously in Germany. Our reliability and our expertise is guaranteed by decades of our managers' and our staff's professional experience. Our core business is concentrated in fire protection and corrosion protection. In accordance with changing market's demands we have been providing metalworking and construction services as well as skilled and auxiliary workforce for our clients for several years. We proud of the increasing amounts of satisfied customers, which is our well-qualified, reliable and professional co-workers merits,too. One of the main guarantee for our competitiveness besides of our experted co-workers is the regular professional development. So we put huge emphasis for the continuous trainings for our qualified staff. It certify that our co-workers take apart of the actual electrotechnics,rescue, fire- and worksafety trainings. Our company has Certifications of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System - MSZ EN ISO 28001:2008).


Airless works

Sand blasing works

on a Gasometer of Voest-Alpine AG
Linz Austria

Juni-September 2013

3900 m2


Sand blasing works

on pontoon elements
Port of Gelsenkirchen

August - September 2013

1 130 m2


Pillar construction

Assembly, construcion of power poles
telecommunica􀆟on antennas and other
new metal structures

in the Czech Republic


Foundation renovation

4400 kV high voltage poles



Renovation of the bathrooms and dressing rooms at Kossuth Lajos Elemetary School in Tiszaföldvár

Painting of piping network


Sandblasting & painting

Spraying and dyeing of starpoint equipment

Hungary 2017

Renovation of balconies

Köln 2015-2016